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Silver, Gold, and Diamond-level entrepreneurs organized an event in Piura, Peru

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On October 9th, the first event organized by the SGD's in the city of Piura took place. The event coincided with the anniversary of the Piura distribution center, which opened its doors in this city eight years earlier.
The event was attended by more than 500 entrepreneurs and guests from all over of the region, such as Huancabamba, Paita, Sullana and Chulucanas, and they were all willing to listen and learn from the entrepreneur leaders in Piura.
Edgar Añamuro, Silver-level entrepreneur, kicked off the event with an Opportunity Meeting that focused on the premise that "dreams come true with a lot of hard work, dedication, and perseverance, but above all, faith and confidence in oneself."
Our entrepreneurs, Rosa Abad González and William Galvez Jiménez, conducted a fantastic training session, during which they spoke about the main characteristics of the Omnilife - Angelíssima products and how they've changed their life for the better. Our Silver-level entrepreneur, Juan Carlos Reyes, joined in to speak about the Omnilife business and the 5 steps to managing one successfully. To wrap up the event, Helio Bohórquez, Gold-level entrepreneur, made a presentation on leadership.
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After listening to our leaders, many entrepreneurs were encouraged to share their testimonials, incredible stories that impacted and moved the audience, motivating them to follow in their footsteps.
As proof that we always have something more to learn, the Diamond-level entrepreneur Remo Casaró was s in the front row of this event, and remained attentive to all the testimonials and speeches offered by our leaders.
The first event organized by the SGD´s was so successful that the audience called for another one soon. They went home feeling very happy and satisfied with everything that the leaders had taught them. At the end of the event, the organizers delivered acknowledgments to the winners of the Growing Step by Step bonus; in addition, the Silver-level entrepreneur Edgar Añamuro received a special distinction (a silver pin) for remaining in the Silver category for 24 consecutive periods. It was a wonderful event with a great deal of learning all-around.
To end the event on a high note, the entrepreneurs and guests surprised the organizers by singing Happy Birthday to commemorate the Piura DC's anniversary.

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