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A School for Novice Entrepreneurs filled with excitement and growth

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On the 8th of September, starting at 8 AM, Omnilife entrepreneurs began arriving at the emblematic Educare School for Success. Despite the cold weather, the ambience was warm with the good feelings and joyful enthusiasm of the attendees.

Before the session started, the entrepreneurs had the chance to visit the different stands on the premises:

CREO, to answer questions on many different subjects

Promote Health, Promote Life, to find out about the benefits of Omnilife's products

Angelíssima, to live a wonderful beauty experience

Omniarrenda, to review options on how to finance different products, from cars to home appliances

OML Seguros, to find the best deals on insurance for your peace of mind

Chivas, to purchase merchandise and souvenirs from the best team in the world

Omnilife Foundation, to donate to a good cause by purchasing the different items and help put a smile on the face of the children of Juarez

Afterwards Jorge Vergara arrived at the Educare Gym and gave a warm welcome to the audience. He spoke about the benefits of the Omnilife and Angelíssima products and motivated the attendees to set aside their fears in order to achieve each and every one of their dreams. He shared his experience and talked about the moments he had felt afraid, but overcame his fears with hard work and dedication in order to go after his dreams unimpeded. He shared the secrets of managing a successful independent business and encouraged the entrepreneurs to keep on dreaming big and strong, because at Omnilife dreams are more possible than anywhere else!

The crowd enjoyed a wonderful session that ended with special acknowledgements made to the winners of the Growing Step by Step and Consolidate your Growth bonuses. He congratulated them and encouraged them to keep on growing and reach the success they've always dreamed about.

At the end of the event, Jorge invited the attendees to visit the different facilities that are part of Omnilife: Educare, his and Angélica Fuentes' corporate offices, the Omnilife Stadium, the Manufacturing Center, and the first Distribution Center.

Once again, the School for Novice Entrepreneurs proved to be a great way to start a successful and prosperous career at Omnilife for all the entrepreneurs who experienced it!

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