90 Day Challenge is a program Omnilife has designed to help you take back control of your nutrition through healthy habits that make you feel fulfilled and achieve your weight goal and a healthy lifestyle.

What is the
90 Day Challenge?

The 90 Day Challenge is a program designed by experts on nutrition to help you reach your ideal healthy weight.

A healthy weight is defined by that in which a person feels and is healthy.

90 Day Challenge Around the world

The 90 Day Challenge has been carried out in different countries of the OMNILIFE continent, helping thousands of people improve their health and mood by finding a balanced lifestyle with this program.


  • Kilos lost on past 90 Day Challenge


  • People that reached their ideal weight


  • Participants throughout the history of the challenge


  • People that quit the challenge


The 90 Day Challenge includes a diet plan and a platform you will always have access to support and encourage you to reach your objective.

Why is it important to have a
Healthy weight?

You get a better
physical condition

Lowers the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases

You enjoy life
more fully

Become and inspiration for people around you by accepting the 90 Day Challenge and getting incredible results that will improve your life.

Changing your life is in your hands

All you have to do is say yes and accept the challenge.

The 90 Day Challenge puts everything in your favor so that you can reach your ideal weight and enjoy more of life.

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